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Live Event Coverage

Backcountry Motorsports Media is well equipped to offer live coverage of events and circuits with high-resolution photos, video clips and writing services direct to your social media sites. BMM has an in-depth understanding of the different aspects of powersports, action sports and motorsports including the spectator experience, event organization, needs of sponsors and expectations of the riders or racers involved with racing and freestyle.

Backcountry Motorsports Media’s marketing and production specialist, Shelby, has first hand experience that gives her the competitive advantage that guarantees high quality and adrenaline pumping coverage of all aspects of your event. Circuits can look forward to live social media coverage of racing action, vendor photos and mentions, sponsorship mentions and specific photos, podium and race results, along with life in the pits and cheering crowds.

Live event coverage can also include video clips and written content for updates, delays and other event information. Pre-event and post-event coverage is also available via event photography, video clips, press releases, magazine articles, newspaper articles and blog posts.

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Post Event Coverage

Post event coverage by Backcountry Motorsports Media includes high-resolution photographs, video production and writing services focusing on multiple different aspects. For racing circuits or single events BMM can provide photography, video production and writing services (press releases, magazine articles, etc.) that cover the racing action, podium results, life in the pits, the spectators experience, vendors and sponsor specific content. For events like powersports shows or freestyle events BMM provides the same services but with coverage of vendors, sponsors, spectators, contests, giveaways and action are covered but with more emphasis on the event experience.

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Full Event Media Coverage - Photography, Video Production, Social Media Marketing & Writing Services Who better to showcase your motorsport event than a company that prides themselves on their passion and dedication to that very industry?