Hi Parker,

Welcome to the Backcountry Motorsports Team for Hay Days 2017! Please find below a bit of information along with some links to help familiarize yourself with my company and what we do.


Some Background Info on Me

  • I started my business 5 years ago during my last year of College.
  • I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, a diploma in Journalism and a certificate in Motorsports Management and Marketing. 
  • I started the business in the powersports industry because I grew up snowmobiling, ATVing and boating
  • I raced in the Pro Womens class of the Canadian Snowcross series for two years until my company took priority
    • I placed 3rd Nationally in my last full year of racing 
  • I was also the only female in the Open Racer class of the Red Bull Snowboundaries Race
  • Accomplishments also include:
    • Key Note speaker at the 2017 New York State Snowmobile Association Summit
    • Photographer at the 2017 Winter X Games
    • Placed 3rd in the womens class of the 12 Hours of La Tuque a 2hr endurance side-by-side race in 2015 (first ever sxs race)
  • For more about me check out my website: www.shelbymahon.com 

Company Info

  • I believe my companies competitive edge comes from my hands-on experience with racing and recreational riding along with my diehard passion for the industry
  • Our three main specializations are Photography, Live Event Coverage and Marketing
  • Our other services include Graphic Design, Writing Services, SEO, Website Design and Videography 
  • The direct links to the pages about specific services (please review) can be found at the top of the page but a summary of the three main services + graphic design (important for racers) can be found below for your quick review:
    • Event Coverage:  Backcountry Motorsports Media is well equipped to offer live coverage of events and circuits with high-resolution photos, video clips and writing services direct to your social media sites. BMM has an in-depth understanding of the different aspects of powersports, action sports and motorsports including the spectator experience, event organization, needs of sponsors and expectations of the riders or racers involved with racing and freestyle. Backcountry Motorsports Media’s marketing and production specialist, Shelby, has first hand experience that gives her the competitive advantage that guarantees high quality and adrenaline pumping coverage of all aspects of your event. Circuits can look forward to live social media coverage of racing action, vendor photos and mentions, sponsorship mentions and specific photos, podium and race results, along with life in the pits and cheering crowds.
    • Photography: Backcountry Motorsports Media specializes in event and action photography within the motorsports, powersports and action sports industries. Shelby and/or her staff provide full event coverage that will never disappoint. Shelby’s knowledge coupled with top of the line gear guarantees stunning photos every time and in all weather conditions. Shelby has been found shooting up to her knees in mud, soaking wet in rain storms, covered in ice and snow during harsh winter storms, even shooting in freezing temps of -40*C, up to her shoulders in lakes and ponds and in soaring summer temperatures of +30*C with dust, dirt and mud flying about. She’s not afraid to push the limits and to do whatever it takes to get THAT photo. You know the one that makes you feel like you are there in person, the photo that echoes and brings to mind the sound of roaring engines and the screams of the cheering fans.
    • Marketing:With the creation and popularity of social media over the past few years it has became a form of marketing that the motorsports and powersports industries need to embrace with open arms. Social Media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give racers, teams, circuits and sponsors the opportunity to share their story with hundreds of thousands of followers and fans. In order to have a successful Social Media marketing strategy you must first have convincing advertisements and content. Our content creation through high quality photography, video production and advertisements are key to successful marketing strategies. With experience and a solid understanding of the Motorsports, Action Sports and Powersports Industries use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, proper #hashtags, trending topics and marketing Backcountry Motorsports Media can build your Social Media presence in just a few short weeks and give you the needed skills to continue this growth. We also offer continued upkeep and daily to weekly posting options to continue to grow your presence and reach if you or someone in your businesses is to busy to take on this role.
    • Graphic Design: This is something that racers or pro riders may be interested in. Graphic Design services include creating autograph posters and apparel designs. Company owners may be interested in the creation of Advertisements. 
  • Previous work:
    • Backcountry Motorsports Media has developed Social Media Marketing strategies and content for a number of clients including Terracross Championships, Canadian Snowcross Racing Association, CFMOTO Canada, Demon Powersports and Optimas Manufacturing to name a few. 
    • Other clients for a variety of services include: Snowmobaby, Ontario Tourism, Rockstar Energy Drink OTSFF Polaris SnoX Team, Western Power Sports (WPS), Husqvarna, Royal Distributing, Backwoods Promotions, London Recreational Racing and Ideal Heated Knives to name a few major clients. 
  • Your Role:
    • SMILE! Your main goal is to be the happy sociable person tending the booth. I will be photographing the Terracross races all day so wont be around very often. Please mention that I am the Terracross Championships circuit photographer and am on the track when people inquire at the booth. 
    • My parents are finally getting the chance to come down for Hay Days so they will be in and out of the trailer. They are both long-time sledders and super nice :) 
    • I will have 1,000 postcard sized handouts (800-900 will be for you to hand-out Saturday). See both sides of the hand-out below.
      • Basically just hand these out as people walk by and tell them to check our website and Facebook page for photos from the weekend (Photos will be online by Monday)
    • I actually don't expect you to have many people stopping to talk, the ones who do will likely be business owners so explain what we do, advise them that you are event staff taking care of the booth while I am at the Terracross track taking photos, hand them a business card and a postcard handout and let them know to send me an email or let me know a name and a booth if they want me to swing by when Terracross ends (Text me this info right away 705-746-1862 please).
    • Once I have the Terracross schedule I will leave a copy at the booth as well.
    • Myself or my parents will be by the booth to give you a bathroom and lunch break. If my parents swing by and you need to run to a bathroom don't think twice about letting them know you need a quick break (nothing is worse than working a booth and needing to go!). If theres a situation where you need to go and we aren't around send me a text (I will have a sign made-up saying we are away from the booth that you can put out). Have some snacks and water with you too. 
    • Thats everything for now. I will let you know if I add anything else here for you to review :)