Social Media Marketing

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With the creation and popularity of social media over the past few years it has became a form of marketing that the motorsports and powersports industries need to embrace with open arms. Social Media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give racers, teams, circuits and sponsors the opportunity to share their story with hundreds of thousands of followers and fans. In order to have a successful Social Media marketing strategy you must first have convincing advertisements and content. Having a Social Media page and posting occasionally was once all it took to grow an excellent following. The popularity of Social Media has resulted in an over saturation of information, photos and videos online that many people simply scroll past without a second thought. Today we must focus on quality content that will stop the “scrollers” in their tracks and grab their attention.

Our content creation through high quality photography, video production and advertisements are key to successful marketing strategies. With experience and a solid understanding of the Motorsports, Action Sports and Powersports Industries use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, proper #hashtags, trending topics and marketing Backcountry Motorsports Media can build your Social Media presence in just a few short weeks and give you the needed skills to continue this growth. We also offer continued upkeep and daily to weekly posting options to continue to grow your presence and reach if you or someone in your businesses is to busy to take on this role.

Backcountry Motorsports Media has developed Social Media Marketing strategies and content for a number of clients including the Terracross Championships, CFMOTO Canada, Canadian Snowcross Racing Association, Demon Powersports, Conx2share, and Backwoods Promotions.


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Backcountry Motorsports Media: Almost 3,600 Followers

Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (CSRA): Saw a 94% increase in follows within a 5 month period

Terracross Championship: Saw a 30% follower increase within a 2 month period

Demon Powersports: Increased followers by over 40%

Mobile App Company: Brand new page received 500 followers within 3 months

Shelby Mahon: Over 4,100 Facebook Friends and 1,700+ Followers


Backcountry Motorsports Media: 1,000+ Followers

Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (CSRA): 1,425+ Followers

Shelby Mahon @mahon166: 1,900+ Followers

Demon Powersports: Increased followers by 100+ within 3 weeks

Mobile App Company: Brand new page received 300 followers within 3 months